Friday, November 9, 2012


Wow! What a couple of weeks we've had. Not to mention everyone else along the New Jersey and New York coast. Hurricane Sandy flooded Hoboken Monday night October 29th and flood waters trapped us in our third floor apartment until Thursday morning November 1st. Our power and heat went out the night of the storm and didn't return until seven days later on Monday night November 5th. Fortunately, we were well provisioned, and we had hot water and gas for cooking. We can't complain though. Many of our friends and neighbors lost property and sustained major damage to their homes and businesses. Almost two weeks later, the clean-up and rebuilding continue.

Here are a number of pictures and a quick video of what I saw around Hoboken before, during and after the storm. Many of the pictures are taken from the perspective of our apartment window looking out onto the street below simply because that was our main view of the world while we were trapped waiting for the flood waters to recede. Click on the pictures below to see all the photos.

From Hurricane Sandy - Pre Storm 2012

From Sandy - The Storm - 2012