Friday, October 22, 2010

Let's Not Step Back into Hoboken's Dark Ages

The election for 4th ward council seat in the upcoming election is an important one for Hoboken. The reformer candidate Mike Lenz must win in order for reformers to maintain a majority on council. Mike Lenz's opponent, Tim Occhipinti, has proven himself at the recent candidate's debate to be thoroughly oblivious to the issues facing 4th ward residents and Hoboken at large. His only reason for being a candidate is that he was hand-picked by the same team that backed former disgraced Mayor, and now convicted felon, Peter Cammarano. The team constitutes the old political guard responsible for awarding contracts to friends, taking kickbacks and driving this city into near bankruptcy and its infrastructure to the point of collapse. It also includes developers intent on building over-sized buildings in a city that is struggling to maintain services and infrastructure for its current residents.

The 4th ward is notoriously ambivalent towards elections but perhaps the message will get out to residents whose cars and property have been damaged by the flooding problem that, only since reformers have taken control of council, has started to be solved. Perhaps the message will get out to property owners who were upset about last year's 48% tax increase. Perhaps the message will get out to parents who would like a nearby park for their kids to play in. If you live in the 4th ward please vote for Mike Lenz on November 2. If you know anyone who lives in the 4th ward, please nag them to vote and get them to nag their 4th ward friends to vote. Hoboken has come a long way in a year. Let's not step back into Hoboken's dark ages.