Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hoboken History: Photos

Yesterday, our family visited the Hooken Historical Museum exhibition devoted to Hoboken in the 1970s. I was really impressed with the quality of the photographs on display. Most of the photos were the work of three accomplished black and white photographers: Caroline Carlson, John Conn and Bennedict Fernandez. What impressed me most were the photos of the residents. Their personalties jump right out of the photos.

Photo by John F. Conn

Unfortunately, the exhibition ends today (July 1) so I hope you were able to see it. But if you missed it, the museum also sells an excellent large format book entitled "From another time: Hoboken in the 1970s". The book includes the photos from the exhibition as well as an interesting essay by Anthony De Palma.

I've also discovered that another way to see work by these photographers is to browse the museum's on-line collection. Just enter the last name of one of the photographers as a search term and their photos will appear in the search results. What a terrific resource the museum has provided for the community!