Friday, June 1, 2007

A Wasted Opportunity

I've lived in many cities with waterfronts and one common feature of them all, Hoboken included, is completely mismanaged waterfront concessions. Hoboken's rarely open concession at Sinatra Dr. and Fourth St. is a classic example. In the hands of business people, this concession could rake in the dough and the public would be happy to fork it over in exchange for quality food and drink. Just look at the stellar location: a fantastic view of the NYC skyline, lots of lounging space, room for the kiddies to romp. Instead, I can only assume that the city is "running" this establishment because I rarely see it open and, for some reason, cities are incapable of capitalizing on opportunities like this.

Here are two pictures I took at the same time of day on an absolutely beautiful Memorial Day. The outdoor seating area at the restaurant adjacent to the concession is packed. The concession area, however, is devoid of people save for a couple of skateboarders.